How we Help?

  • Patient Advocacy
  • Care Planning
  • Senior Living Arrangements
  • Risks Assessment
  • Care Coordination
  • Wellness Assessment
  • Caregiver Management

The golden years are uncharted territories where many of us find ourselves lost without guidance or a clear plan. The burden of navigating the various challenges of this stage of life falls on older adults and their family caregivers, meanwhile, they may not have the necessary expertise or access to the appropriate resources. At Seniors LA Care Management, we look to partner with seniors and their families to Develop a Care Plan that achieves the best possible outcomes. We can provide the guidance needed to adequately adapt to the changes which are naturally occuring during the Golden years. This may include lifestyle changes, environmental modifications, or possibly downsizing or relocating to a residential care community.

Developing the Care Plan

We start by meeting with our clients to understand their care needs, expectations and individual values as well as assessing their wellness and safety risks. We then develop a Care Plan that serves as a living document where their short and long term goals are defined and tracked. The Care Plan aims to outline the current risks and define the goals all to improve our client’s quality of life. Our focus then shifts to partnering with our client and their care team in executing the Care Plan.

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Patient Advocacy

Our services include attending and advocating for our clients at medical appointments. We proactively take notes and coordinate treatment plans with the client and their care team. Our Case Managers gather information, provide coordination of services and ensure that medical treatment plans meet the client’s needs with a holistic approach. We also regularly conduct home or facility visits, wellness checks as well as follow up phone calls with our clients. Any issues or changes in condition are reported to family members or POAs and family meetings and discussions are then facilitated to resolve these issues.

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Consultation Services

With years of experience in the field of senior care and care management, our team is well-equipped to help our senior clients and their family members make informed decisions regarding different areas of our clients’ lives. Our consultation services are designed to provide information on referrals as well as aging education to family members and caregivers. We facilitate conversations about long term care and hospice care, in addition to offering support and guidance in planning for end-of-life care. Our clients also leverage our service to facilitate conversations about housing options and best living arrangements.

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Senior Living Arrangements

As we advance in our golden years, it's only natural that new challenges arise in many areas of our lives including our living arrangements. Our Care Managers are here to walk with you and your family members through the process as you look to answer difficult but necessary questions such as “can I continue to live alone safely?” or “Is it time for me to move into a senior living facility?” Whether you are looking to down-size or relocate to a new home, we provide assistance by researching and recommending local communities that best serve your needs. We also coordinate with movers and oversee the move. When needed, we place temporary caregivers in the new home to provide you with the assistance and support you need during and after the transition.

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Assessing & Mitigating Risks

Life-threatening risks such as isolation, falls, malnutrition, dehydration, and elder abuse are common among seniors who live alone, or are unable to advocate for themselves. A major and crucial part of our role is to identify these risks and help our clients and their families mitigate them. We use effective tools that objectively assess all areas of the senior’s life to identify potential threats and already existing risks. By identifying and addressing these risks, we aim to provide our clients with a safe and healthy environment therefore improving their overall quality of life.

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Hospital Discharge Planning

Whether the stays are long or short, hospital visits can be a source of stress and anxiety not only for the elderly adults but also their family members. Having to manage discussions with medical staff, finding safe and reliable transportation for the senior back to their home, picking up prescription medication, all while attending to the senior’s needs can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate. Our Care Managers are here to assist with creating and coordinating a discharge plan that serves to best address the needs of our clients while reducing the stress for everyone involved.

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Ongoing Support

A partnership with an expert Geriatric Care Manager is extremely valuable while navigating the challenges that arise during our advanced years. Our Care Managers work to collaborate proactively with our senior clients in order to ensure that we are on the forefront of any changes that occur. We develop and regularly update personalized care plans, as well as help clients identify short and long term goals and support them in achieving those goals. In addition, we regularly assess and monitor our clients’ cognitive and physical wellness. Whenever the need arises, our care team connects our clients with suitable healthcare providers and coordinates care between different disciplines. Also, as part of our services, we research and provide options for in-home care services or compatible residential care facility options.

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